Team DNR sample library giveaway contest.

I cannot believe my luck on this one. I won the Team DNR sample library giveaway contest that was held on KVR forum. All I had to do was to select a number between 0 and 100. I chose 21 (well, cough** my wife picked it) and I never knew that it would be my lucky number. Later realized that her birthday also falls on 21st, that’s why she picked that number. I hope she doesn’t read this post otherwise that “later realized” part will put me in trouble.

Anyway, the library is called “Transitions”. It is a package of sounds designed specifically to build trailer music, stinger sounds, musical transitions and epic buildups.

Visit their website for more info, videos and demo tracks.


Wusikstation soundset; WSynth One released. recently released a new paid-for soundset called WSynth One. It contains 174 presets, designed by various sound designers including myself. Download size is approximately 300KB. Good thing about this soundset is:

  • It is 100% based on Wusik Station advanced synthesis methods.
  • Disk usage is nearly zero, as only single-cycle waveforms are used.
  • No other samples are used except the included standard waveforms, hence the small footprint.

So, why am I so enthusiastic about it? Well, a few of my presets are also included in this soundset. I am so honored and would like to thank William; the developer of Wusikstation for giving me such an opportunity.

Listen to these demo tracks that showcases some of the presets from this soundset.

The price of the soundset is $19.95. You need version 6.2.0 or higher to use this soundset. If you wanna buy Wusikstation then there’s a group buy deal going on which can save you a lot of money. Don’t miss out on this excellent deal. Here is the link.

Kirnu MIDI arpeggiator presets.

Arto Vaarala recently released an excellent MIDI arpeggiator plugin for free. It’s one of the best free MIDI arpeggiator plugin I have stumbled upon. Visit the KirnuArp website for more info, screen shot and the download link.

I created 16 presets for this plugin. You can download these from the link below. These presets are also included starting from version 1.1.

Kirnu presets

Here is the demo tune playing a few of these presets.

Please feel free to share your comments/ feedback on these presets.

Zebralette patches

I present you two of my own Zebralette patches. Yup, only two so far. Well, there is a story behind it. There was a Zebralette patch contest going on in KVR in Jan 2011, I saw the thread just one day before the submission date. Though to “learn synth programming” was always on my to-do list, it was never on top priority. The requirement of the contest was to submit only two patches. So, I thought why not give it a try. So I created two patches for Zebralette and submitted just couple of hours before it was closed. I was not expecting anything major out of it but I was surprised (rather shocked) to see one of my patch (“heaven”) securing second position in the contest. On one hand, I was disappointed that I didn’t win but on the other hand I was very happy that I learned quite a bit on patch programming for Zebralette. So that’s it. Follow this link if you want to browse the thread on KVR audio for the whole story.Zebralette patch contest thread
Voting thread

By the way, if you visit the voting thread you can download all the patches submitted by contestants in one zip file. A total of around 30-odd patches for free.

Anyway, that’s the story behind these two patches. More patches to follow soon.


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