My Poise drum sampler skin.

Well, it’s just another Poise skin. Started working on it quite some time ago, created many variations but ended up with the following. I call it “Bluesy” for obvious reasons.

Bluesy Skin by satYatunes 

Click on the download link below, save the zip file, extract the folder and copy it to your skins folder for Poise. Then select satYatunes_Bluesy skin from the list of skins. I hope you like it.


Used the excellent and free KnobMan and SkinMan to create the skin and knobs. If you find any issues/bugs while using this skin, please send an e-mail.


Neuro drink song competition entry.

Stumbled upon this Neuro drink song competition the other day. They need an original song for their :60 second spot “Candy Shop”. Well, it’s been a while since I have been thinking of scoring a video. The timing couldn’t be better. To be very honest, the video is not that great. After 15 second it looks like they’ve stitched some random clips together. It doesn’t represent the product well. Initially I had a hard time to come up with something cause the first 15 seconds are poles apart from the rest. After so many different tunes, I finally ended up with a Drum & Bass track for the spot. To me it fits nicely to the later part of the spot and in the beginning I used some pads, etc to build up the theme. Here is the final video:

Competition is gonna run till September 1st, the video with the most views on youtube will take $5K. Runner up will be selected by the judges.

Tools used: Sonar X1

KVR music cafe contest entry, July 2011.

The theme for July 2011 KVR Cafe Contest was “Industrial” genre. I am not a big fan nor had any prior knowledge of this genre, hence had to do some research. Read a few articles before started working on this track. I tried my best to stay as close to the genre as possible and came up with the following track. It’s called “Destroy”, basically a demon/satan who wants to destroy the world. I never expected that it would receive some good reviews and votes but to my utter surprise it did and ended up at number 14 out of 22 tracks. Well, not a big achievement but cannot complain either.

Destroy by satYa

Some reviews/ feedback on the track:

Gremsongs: Love the guitars!! This song drives!!

adj: Almost destroyed my earphones HiHi

So, what is Industrial music? Here is the Urban dictionary definition:

Industrial Music is difficult to define but it has to do with experimentation, improvisation, and pure noise. Is about programing hard noisy sounds on samplers, scratching the guitar strings by adding distortion and phaser, hitting hard on metallic devices, and screaming or talk loud on a voice machine.

‘Summer Rain’ music video.

Hiren Dave, an independent film maker shot the following video for my ‘Summer Rain’ track. Your comments are welcome.


Concept / Camera / Editing: Hiren Dave
Music: Satya Choudhury

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