My OSC-32: Zebralette contest entry, Sep 2011.

It’s a long time since I updated my blog hence this track never appeared here. I submitted this tune for September 2011 One-Synth-Challenge contest. The challenge was to use awesome Zebralette VST instrument for all the sounds. The contest celebrated the move of Zebralette plugin from the commercial Zebra package to a free plugin. The contest saw the record entries of 41 tunes. Sadly, my tune ended up at #17 scoring only 10 points :-(. Never mind, may be next time. Anyway, please lend your ear to the track below and let me know your valuable comments and suggestions.


How to use KirnuArp in EnergyXT.

Those of you are wondering how to use KirnuArp in EnergyXT, here is an excellent video for you created by Tomtoo (KVR name). The purpose of putting it in my blog is two fold. 1. It will help all the EnergyXT users, also other DAW users cause the concept is same and 2. it uses Preset 10 from the 16 presets that I released some time ago. It’s a great motivation to see your work being useful in some way or the other. I am thinking of creating some more patches for Kirnu. Watch the blog for the update some time in March.

So, without any further ado, here is the the video:

and here is the link to the Kirnu website. Download it and make some music. By the way, all my presets are already included in the latest version:

Kirnu website

Credits: Tomtoo for the video, Arto Vaarala for Kirnu.

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