About me

What’s in a Name? Well, everything:
My name is Satya Choudhury aka satYatunes. Satya is a Sanskrit word that translates into “the truth” in English. It’s pronounced like Libya; the country, with two and a half or three syllables.

The Work:
A program manager in IT industry by profession. Started my career as a COBOL programmer. I have solid experience in programming, graphic/ user interface and website design. Sadly, none of those programming experience are in music industry.

The Background:
I started learning Tabla; the Indian percussion with the help of my friend when I was in school but could not go far. After a huge break from music, I enrolled in a Piano and Music Theory class during my stay in USA in 1999. During the course I learned the western music theory; notes, scales, chords, chord progression, etc. Later on, I read a lot about Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), VSTi, etc. basically, how to use computers for making music. Bought a laptop and took some serious interest in it during MP3.com era but unfortunately that didn’t go anywhere. Compiled some of my best tracks into an album called “Memoirs of a World Traveler” (available on the home page), which is available on several websites like Jamendo, MP3.com.au, etc. This could have been a nice commercial album as I have been told many times but with zero connection in the industry it’s difficult. I don’t even know where to start. Anyway, that’s all about my musical journey as a hobbyist musician. Now-a-days, I create tracks for original song contests like KVR cafe and OSC, sound design contests e.g. ZPC, remix contests, etc. Also, working on a few more tracks which will follow up the “Memoirs…” album concept to next level. 

The Influences:

  • Deep Forest, Enigma, B-Tribe, Atman, Ikarus, Tya, Ronan Hardiman, AR Rehman to name a few

The Tools and Equipments:


  • Casio SK45 (Sold)
  • Yamaha DJX (Sold)
  • Roland JX-305 (Sold)
  • Casio CTK-691
  • E-Mu XBoard 25 MIDI Controller
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M45 Headphones
  • Cambridge Soundworks Speakers
  • ThinkPad T410, 4GB, i5
  • HP Laptop i5, 4GB, 500GB


  • Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer
  • Wavosaur

VST Instruments:

  • All the instruments included in Sonar X1 Producer e.g. Dimension Pro, Rapture, z3ta+, Session Drummer, Beatscape
  • Wusikstation
  • SampleTank
  • Synth 1 (Freeware)
  • Alchemy Player (Freeware)

VST Effects:

  • Channel: NastyVCS, Terry West’s CS12M
  • Delay: mgTempoDelay, TwinDelay, NastyDLA, RP-Delay
  • Distortion-Overdrive-Amp: FA, LilPlug, TAL Tube
  • Compressors: DensityMkII, Compressive, 5ORCERY, JB PC
  • Exciters: TesslaSE
  • Limiters: W1Limiter, Pocket Limiter, JB Barricade, Aradaz Maximizer5, LoudMax
  • EQ: IQ4, PiF 10EQ, EasyQ, SonEQ, BootEQMkII
  • FSU: Glitch, EngineersFilter, Scuzzphut6
  • Modulation: Chorus CH2, BassChorus, Duet
  • Pitch and Time: Kerovee and GSnap
  • Reverb: Antress Modern Spacer, AriesVerb 0.4, MoVerb, SH-1 Reverb, PoorPlate, EpicVerb
  • Spatial: MDA Roundpan, Oli Larkin Autopan, Pancake, ADT, Rescue, Stereo Touch
  • Utility: MonoMaker, Prefix

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