My OSC-32: Zebralette contest entry, Sep 2011.

It’s a long time since I updated my blog hence this track never appeared here. I submitted this tune for September 2011 One-Synth-Challenge contest. The challenge was to use awesome Zebralette VST instrument for all the sounds. The contest celebrated the move of Zebralette plugin from the commercial Zebra package to a free plugin. The contest saw the record entries of 41 tunes. Sadly, my tune ended up at #17 scoring only 10 points :-(. Never mind, may be next time. Anyway, please lend your ear to the track below and let me know your valuable comments and suggestions.


My OSC-31:z3ta+ contest entry, August 2011.

I have already explained what OSC is all about in one of my previous thread. It stands for One-Synth-Challenge and as the name suggests all you need to do is create a track using only one synth. Now you ask, which synth? So, every month a synth is selected by voting from a bunch of freeware synths. For Aug 2011, the selected synth was z3ta+. You might be wondering, since when did z3ta+ become a freeware? It contradicts what just I said, I know, I was also surprised as you are but came to know that once in a while payware synths also features in OSC. Well, it’s no surprise that most of the regular OSC contestants were furious on such a decision. Anyway, I missed OSC-26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 and that’s a lot. So, it’s about time to get back into the groove, which was my main motivation factor.

Some notes about z3ta+:
Trance and z3ta+ goes hand-in-hand and it’s always been considered as the most suitable synth for that genre.  But, that’s only partly true, it’s capable of creating a wide variety of sounds that can fit into other genres. There are loads of presets available in KVR and patcharena. Even with my limited knowledge on sound design, I didn’t find it very difficult to program either. Built-in effects in z3ta+ are good if not great.

I started off with auditioning the presets first and believe me there are some fantastic presets available in the factory soundbank. To my surprise, it failed to inspire me. May be “inspire” is the wrong word but I struggled to come up even with an idea until the end of the month. I almost gave up. I gave it a last try just before a day of the deadline and finally came up with the following track. It’s called “Welcome z3ta+”. It’s my way of saying “Okay, we didn’t start off well, it wasn’t love at first sight but now I welcome you into my world” :-).
It was composed within 24 hours and all those hours spanned after dinner to wee hours.

Used the following effects and tools:

  1. Sonar X1c with 10 instances of z3ta+
  2. AriesVerb
  3. PanCake
  4. ADT
  5. LoudMax

Pros – The nice drumloop groove, the chord changes and the composition structure.
·Cons – Try to do more drastical changes next time with the bassline and the melody, risk yourself a bit more, maybe you will like it. Anyway, i know you didn’t had more time.

SJMmusic: Although it is a rather simple track, it was very nice to listen to, it especially has a nice groove, I think 😀

bzur: nice and calming chill-out. Thumbs up!

3ee: Good: Atmosphere and sounds.
Bad: HiHats mixed a bit too loud are getting a bit too distracting. Percussion in general sounds a bit flat. Outro.

evo2slo: That bass has a killer groove to it. Real nice percussive movement. Like the soft bed of pads and the lead sounds and melodies are great. Very enjoyable track!

Doc Jon: Another instant fave, loved the panning sequences and slightly unconventional melody, really chilled after listening to this. Only negative point – the white noise percussion seemed too loud to me, but overall really excellent.

Dan_E10: I had a hard time picking between this and Genesis. There’s not really anything I can criticize here. 

GMoneh: Fantastic chillout tune. Great job. 


Pros* Nice down tempoish sounds… Some really cool sounds like the one at 2:44, the twirly whirly high FX. Nice pluck at 3:00. Would have like to hear a tad more reverb on some sounds. This song really catches on to me after a while especially after 2:45.
Cons * Really thought there was something uber epic here… just maybe needed some more layering. Something didn’t catch on to me as powerfully as your past songs did.

Voting is over and the track ended up at #6 out of 18 tracks. My first time within top 10. Tough to beat these talented guys 🙂 

KVR OSC-25 contest entry, February 2011.

OSC stands for One Synth Challenge. It’s a contest that’s held on KVR Audio forum each month. Basically, a free synth is selected by voting and all the participants create and submit their tracks using the synth. All the sounds must be created using the synth even the percussion sounds. Voting goes on for two weeks in the following month. Whosoever gets more votes gets the prize. It’s a very nice concept and an excellent motivation factor. It gives me an opportunity to learn synth programming and creating sounds from scratch.
Anyway, Superwave P8 was chosen for February 2011. It’s a very good synth capable of creating a wide variety of sounds. I submitted the following track for this contest. It’s a trance tune called “Sunshine”. Used around 12 instances of P8 and free effects like AriesVerb, EpicVerb, IQ4, Easy-Q, Son-EQ, Modern Spacer.

Please feel free to comment on the track.

One Synth Challenge

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