Neuro drink song competition entry.

Stumbled upon this Neuro drink song competition the other day. They need an original song for their :60 second spot “Candy Shop”. Well, it’s been a while since I have been thinking of scoring a video. The timing couldn’t be better. To be very honest, the video is not that great. After 15 second it looks like they’ve stitched some random clips together. It doesn’t represent the product well. Initially I had a hard time to come up with something cause the first 15 seconds are poles apart from the rest. After so many different tunes, I finally ended up with a Drum & Bass track for the spot. To me it fits nicely to the later part of the spot and in the beginning I used some pads, etc to build up the theme. Here is the final video:

Competition is gonna run till September 1st, the video with the most views on youtube will take $5K. Runner up will be selected by the judges.

Tools used: Sonar X1


The long awaited Sonar X1 demo is out!

Hurrayyyyyyy! The demo version of Sonar X1 is now out. Well, I know many people were waiting for this, so here you go, follow the link below and grab a copy.

The SONAR X1 Web Trial is a fully functioning version of SONAR X1 that will work for up to 30 days if registered. Trial versions of the following are included:

  • ProChannel
  • Rapture LE
  • VX-64 Vocal Strip
  • PX-64 Percussion Strip

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