Wusikstation soundset; WSynth One released.

Wusik.com recently released a new paid-for soundset called WSynth One. It contains 174 presets, designed by various sound designers including myself. Download size is approximately 300KB. Good thing about this soundset is:

  • It is 100% based on Wusik Station advanced synthesis methods.
  • Disk usage is nearly zero, as only single-cycle waveforms are used.
  • No other samples are used except the included standard waveforms, hence the small footprint.

So, why am I so enthusiastic about it? Well, a few of my presets are also included in this soundset. I am so honored and would like to thank William; the developer of Wusikstation for giving me such an opportunity.

Listen to these demo tracks that showcases some of the presets from this soundset.

The price of the soundset is $19.95. You need version 6.2.0 or higher to use this soundset. If you wanna buy Wusikstation then there’s a group buy deal going on which can save you a lot of money. Don’t miss out on this excellent deal. Here is the link.


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